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Chuy's Red Tacos puts a distinctive spin on birria tacos

On this week's edition, we have an interview with one of the founders of Chuy's Red Tacos, a new food truck that opens today. We talk to him about birria tacos and the origins of their tacos' interesting red taco shells. We also have updates about EsterEv and Big Daddy's BBQ and Soul Food.

And of course we talk about something close to Ann's heart: pumpkin spice. You all know my opinion about pumpkin spice; we don't need it, especially after everything we've been through this year. But the Wisconsin State Fair has nonetheless created pumpkin spice cream puffs, which will be available for a limited time in October. So if pumpkin spice is your thing, you can order three packs or six packs online.

Chuy's Red Tacos |

We get the scoop on Milwaukee's most anticipated new food truck: Chuy's Red Tacos.

"I've always wanted to make a food truck," explains owner Jesus Nanez. He had previously owned a restaurant called Seafood Specialist, which specialized in fish fry, but he wasn't as passionate about it as he is about tacos. He discusses how he decided on a menu with birria tacos as its emphasis, since it's difficult to consistently find birria on local menus.

Chuy's also offers some alternatives to the traditional beef version of the taco, including chicken and a vegetarian option with hibiscus. Most people know hibiscus as a tea, but the flower is completely edible, and it's packed with nutrients. "It's an awesome base to do anything," Nanez says. "It's like a tofu, damn near. You can season it however you want."

Why is the tortilla red? It's coated in a special chili oil then fried on a flat top. It's not spicy, Nanez says, but it's made with four or five peppers. He also explains what makes Chuy's rice and beans so special, and weighs in on why birria is suddenly so popular right now.

EsterEv is back

DanDan has been offering curbside carryout and patio seating for a while, but now EsterEv, the restaurant inside of DanDan, is reopening. It'll open Sept. 25, and while weather permits, seating will take place on the DanDan patio. It'll be quite exclusive: There will only be two seatings of six guests each night, and it's only open Fridays and Saturdays.

Hear us discuss all that and more below.

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