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Join us Thursday at our Walker's Point studios for "State of Sound." Tap here for all the details.

How birria tacos took Milwaukee by storm

On this week's episode, we're talking about maybe the hottest culinary trend in the city right now: birria tacos. Plus we're talking about Uncle Wolfie's pizza pop-up and sharing news of a new restaurant coming to Haramabe.

Birria tacos are very trendy right now, but they live up to the hype. Birria is a stew that can be made with goat meat, but it often made with beef, lamb or even chicken. One place has a vegan version with jackfruit. The meat is marinated in a chili-laced broth, and it's served with a consommé that you can dip the taco in.

Birria at Chucho's Red Tacos |

One prominent spot serving them is Chucho’s Red Tacos, a food truck on South Sixth Street. You can also find them at Lazo’s Taco Shack (641 N. James Lovell St.), which serves them as their Wednesday special (four for $14.50). Ann shares a few other spots that offer them, too.

Credit Los Angeles for the trend: A spot started serving them there, and people started Instagramming pictures of those tacos (which look beautiful). Those photos went viral, creating incredible demand for birria. It took a few years for the trend to make its way to Milwaukee, but now it is here with a vengeance.

One of my favorite spots for birria is El Tlaxcalteca, 1300 W. Burnham St., which serves a giant, three-foot-long grilled birria dish called the machete.

Uncle Wolfie's is doing a pizza pop-up

Today and tomorrow, Uncle Wolfie's is offering a pizza pop-up. There's a vegan pizza with roasted garlic, fermented peppers and arugula and a pork belly pizza with broccoli rabe, among others. It remains to be seen whether they'll continue doing these pop-ups in the future, but if this weekend's is successful it could happen.

Hear us talk about all that and much more on this week's episode.

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