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The Daily Bird is bringing coffee back to Riverwest's former Fuel Cafe site

On this week's edition of Milwaukee's longest-running culinary podcast, we're talking about Iron Grate's Thanksgiving offers and some year-round options for variations of Culver's viral CurderBurger, which was only available for one day this month. But we kick things off with some news about a new spot coming to the former Fuel Cafe in Riverwest, 808 E. Center St.

Riverwest has been short on coffee shops since Fuel Cafe closed. But a pop-up coffee shop in Centro Cafe called The Daily Bird started during the pandemic to help fill that void; it was where I used to get my coffee when I was working from home. And soon The Daily Bird will have a physical location in the old Fuel Cafe spot. It's set to open in mid-November.

They won't open with food right away, but they do have plans to begin serving ice cream from the Milwaukee company Scratch (which is really delicious ice cream).

Don't want to cook this Thanksgiving? Iron Grate BBQ is taking reservations for its smoked Thanksgiving. You can get a 10 pounds bowl of light and dark meat turkey, which comes with gravy. And there are a whole bunch of sides you can pick from, too, including baked beans, smothered greens, creamy coleslaw, cider-braised apples and sweet potatoes. And this is great, too: They're also serving a beef rib pozole, with a hearty broth, hominy, guajillo and a lime-cilantro slaw.

Iron Grate BBQ's smoked turkey |

You can get a cheese curd burger everyday in Milwaukee

Culver's absolutely dominated the news cycle for a day with its viral CurderBurger, a burger with a cheese curd burger on top. It was only available for a day, but if you're craving a burger with cheese curds on it, you actually have a lot of options -- there are more than a half dozen restaurants in the area that offer variations of the cheese curd/burger combinations.

Craft Cow's Cheesehead Burger | Photo courtesy Craft Cow

One option is the Cheesehead Burger at Crafty Cow in Bay View. It's stuffed with five cheeses and topped with bacon, cheese curds and cheese sauce -- which, yes, is a lot of cheese. The Milwaukee Brat House, meanwhile, offers a Wisconsin Burger, which is loaded with red peppers, cheddar cheese, chipotle ranch and cheese curds. You can find five other options in Milwaukee Magazine's article about these burgers.

Hear us talk about all that and more on this week's episode of This Bites.

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