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Twisted Plants brings its plant-based comfort food to Brady Street

In this episode of This Bites, we talked about Twisted Plants new spot off of Brady Street, the return of Comet Cafe, a Tiki pop-up at Hotel Metro, Nice Times closure, and Maxie's expansion.

Earlier this week, Twisted Plants opened a new location on Brady Street. The plant-based restaurant is known for its tasty, vegan take on comfort food like Chicago dawgs, “chik’n” nuggets. The new location will also offer soft-serve vegan ice cream, slushies, chik’n strips and vegan Italian beef. They will also serve beer and wine.

Comet Cafe returns

Milwaukee Magazine reported that Comet Cafe has reopened under new ownership. Back in 2020, the East side established closed its doors due to the pandemic. Now owned by the parent company Pie Inc. (Honeypie, Small Pie, Palomino), Comet Cafe is now serving breakfast and lunch and will soon be serving dinner. Plus, you can get pies courtesy of Honeypie.

The hours: Wed-Sun 9 a.m.-3 p.m. (food) – with the bar and pie service continuing until 5 p.m. When evening hours kick in, food will be served until 10 p.m., with the bar staying open until midnight.

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