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May the Fourth ... bring you to State of Sound! Get tickets now.

Why trick-or-treat when you could sit-and-eat instead?

Each week on This Bites , dining critic Ann Christenson from Milwaukee Magazine and Radio Milwaukee’s resident foodie Tarik Moody dig into the city’s culinary and restaurant culture to help you find new spots, old favorites and the best ingestibles around Milwaukee.

For those who celebrate them, holidays can be a lot of different things. They’re a chance to gather at home with friends and family, and eat a lot of food. Alternatively, they’re a chance to gather not at home with mostly strangers and eat a lot of food. Since this isn’t a home-cookin’ podcast, let’s focus on the second one.

On last week’s episode, we told you about Voyager Wine & Cocktail Bar hosting an eight-course dinner this Sunday titled “Gatto Nero,” which is “Black Cat” in Italian.

On this week’s episode, we’ll tell you about Shanghai hosting a six-course dinner this Sunday titled … well, nothing. BUT, Shanghai is located in Black Cat Alley. Cue Twilight Zone music.

White Gatto Nero is leaning into mischief and mystery, the dinner in Black Cat Alley has decided to “play with perception.” The space isn’t huge, so there’s only room for 16 diners to play. And, like its Italian counterpart, you’ll have to open up your wallet for this one. So if you have 175 bones rattling around, you can book your spot here. As for what else is going on around town:

  • It’s another Halloween-themed dinner! This time, it’s five courses at Lazy Susan on Saturday. It’s also a little more budget-conscious.
  • Birch on Pleasant will host an Oyster Pop-Up this Friday night that you can book here (ignore the part that says “July 15”).
  • The Legacy business hub has a newcafé from the owner of Confectionately Yours that’ll serve coffee, breakfast and pastries.
  • Central Waters will soon offer Mexican-fusion cuisine courtesy of Troublemakers’ Cocina.

Speaking of trouble, we had some with our equipment this week. So if things don't sound as smooth as usual, bear with us. And don't let it discourage you from subscribing, liking, reviewing and sharing wherever you get your podcasts. Thanks.

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