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11 dead and buried </br> Milwaukee rock clubs

I love old buildings.  If you stop to look -- and listen -- there is always a cool story hidden beyond all that cream city brick.

And that's why 88Nine Radio Milwaukee is partnering with -- to bring those stories of Milwaukee's forgotten architecture back to life, both on air and online.

Every week, Managing Editor and columnist Bobby Tanzilo joins me to share a few highlights from his article "Urban Spelunking."  He tells us where he has been, but more importantly, he tells us the stories he has heard.

In our second segment, Bobby takes us to downtown Milwaukee to explore a forgotten part of our city's nightlife -- Milwaukee rock clubs.

Check out his story: 11 Dead and Buried Downtown Rock Clubs

From the 1960s to the late 1980s, there were plenty of Milwaukee rock clubs to choose from. Bars like The Starship, The Attic, The Scene and Yano's were local staples, not just as clubs, but legit venues to see top notch talent.

All of the venues Tanzilo writes about are -- as the title says -- decidedly dead and buried.  But that didn't stop him from looking back at their legacy and sharing a ton of cool photography.

Click the podcast player above to hear Bobby and I chat about his article, and follow the link above to see them for yourself.

Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee