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UWM gets students involved and educated about their community

For college students interested in going into nonprofit work and community outreach, what better way to learn than through hands-on experience?

For UWM students, that's where Nicky Glaser and her Community-Based Learning, Leadership and Research team comes in.

Nikki helps get students involved with different nonprofits around the city, and this past week, I had the opportunity to visit Nicky and her volunteers at the Friedens Hope House Food Pantry.

" learning about problems and strengths in our community... and great organizations that help to meet those needs."

And not only are these students getting hands-on experience in their field of study, they're also helping real nonprofits and real people in the community. And, for places like the Hope House Food Pantry, which has been staffed by UWM students for the past 10 years, volunteers really help keep their doors open.

"Our pantries are majorily volunteer-run... we really do appreciate and rely upon people."

Cheryl Ausley works for Friedens Hope House Food Pantry and expressed that not only do the volunteer's involvement help the pantry itself, but at the end of the day, directly affects their clients, too.

"For someone it might just be food, for someone else it could be what turns their day around. There are good people willing to help."

To learn more about UWM's Community-Based Learning, Leadership and Research, you can visit their website  here.

For more information on the Friedens Hope House Food Pantry and to learn about volunteer opportunities, visit them  here.

Check out my full interview with Nicky and Cheryl by clicking the podcast player above.