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Saving Sadie: A little rescue dog shares a big message


Sometimes small acts of kindness can make a big difference, and Sadie Derse, a beautiful and happy rescue dog is living proof of that.

After being badly abused and transferred from shelter to shelter, Joal Derse found Sadie at a no-kill shelter in Milwaukee in rough shape. Very ill and unable to walk, Joal was told by vets that taking in Sadie would just be costly and a hassle.

"...So I took her home. And the next day I took her to a holistic vet and Dr. Jodi said 'let's give her a shot.' So we did."

And thanks to Joal's patience and empathy, today Sadie is as healthy as ever and travels around the country teaching others about the importance of being kind to one another. And how to be an "upstander," not a bystander.


 wants to help people stop the cycle of abuse.... I want kids out there to see that Sadie is a living, breathing creature with feelings and emotions and so deserving of love."

To learn more about Sadie and her story, check out her website or on Facebook.

Listen to my full interview with Sadie and Joal by clicking the podcast player above.