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Mother, business woman<br>& bumpin' Bruiser

Business women and mother by day, roller derby queen by night... What can't Shannon Huot do?

Shannon, better known as Brewcity Bruiser "Irish Vixen" in the roller derby community, has been skating with the Bruisers for six years and counting. Now with her oldest child in skates and her team, Rushin' Rollettes, off to a strong season, 2016 is already off to a good start.

" oldest actually started roller skating, so now I get to spend time with our youth team, the Microbruisers

that's equally as exciting and rewarding to see her.... fall in love with the sport and also build her own base of friends and community."

And with Shannon's passion and advocacy for roller derby, its clear to see that being a member of the Brewcity Bruisers means so much more to her than just being an athlete.

"Its a community. There isn't enough women celebrating women and empowering women and this is a place where that can be done."

Want to learn more about the Brewcity Bruisers? Check them out at and like them on Facebook.

Listen to my full interview with Shannon "Irish Vixen" Hout by clicking the podcast player above.