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Pius XI High School teacher </br>opens his Riverwest house to encourage sobriety

Born and raised in the Riverwest neighborhood, high school teacher Jason Gonzalez loves Milwaukee.

"I knew I wasn't giving everything back that I could. And then I had this thought, 'Maybe I can build this culture and community that I crave.'"

So a few years back, Gonzalez, a recovered alcoholic, decided to give back to Riverwest the one way he knew how: by helping others get sober and fight addiction.

"I got sober, and I know how to do that. So I just opened my doors up and said 'well here's how I live and here's how I practice principles in all of my affairs. If you want this, follow my lead for a while.'"

Now known as 4th Dimension Sobriety, that house is now booming with energy and with individuals eager to learn from Jason's success: a structured lifestyle that encourages self-reflection, self-appreciation and the appreciation of others around you.

Now with a second men's house, as well as a newly-opened women's house, 4th Dimension is providing a safe living environment for people struggling with addiction while also offering them a supportive community to lean back on.

And Amber Davis, the house manager for the women's house, says 4D offers so much more than just recovery:

"We're a family, first and foremost. The second you come into this house, I love you."

Listen to my full interview with Jason and Amber from 4th Dimension Sobriety by clicking the podcast player above. 

Photos by, and special thanks to, Radio Milwaukee intern Jack Bril.