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MPS students get a financial 'Reality Check'

A lot of times... kids don't have this information inside of their school. They just learn as they go in real life.

Credit scores, health insurance, child support... as a high school student, a few of these things might seem a little foggy and far off. But last week, for a group of MPS students, life hit pretty fast.

It was Reality Check Day for these students. For a day, life was fast-forwarded. They were assigned an occupation, a family, a credit score and then made responsible for managing their finances.

Victor Frasher, the high school branch program manager at Educators Credit Union, helps organize the financial literacy event every year.

"A lot of times a lot of the kids don't have this information inside of their school," he said. "So they're learning as they go in real life."

And watching the kids go from table to table -- they're buying cars, they're paying taxes. It's clear they're in control and learning about their finances.

"They get to make all the decisions inside the Reality Day event. We designed the event to be a safe environment so when they're looking at their dollars and cents, if they make a mistake... if they buy the most expensive house, if they buy the most expensive clothes... they can really see how that impacts their budget."

Want to learn more? Check out the Educators Credit Union website for more on Reality Check Day.