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Screen printing with a message

Especially in Milwaukee we have kids who need mentors... everybody needs mentors.

Who is Ruby Bridges?

Well, ask first grade students at Starms Discovery Learning Center and they'll be able to give you a pretty good answer.

"White people they didn't like black people going to all white people schools. So she went to the all white people school and people were being mean to her."

"Ruby used to... she's a black little girl. She's so nice to people. She goes to school everyday


The story of civil rights activist Ruby Bridges is an inspiring one. Regarded today as a hero, Ruby was the first child, at only six year old, to help desegregate an all-white school in the 60's.

And with help from the community, these first grade students are now sharing Ruby's story on handmade t-shirts.

23-year-old college student and t-shirt company founder, Enrique Murguia, owns Milwaukee OATS, and after meeting Melissa, was excited to come in and help the kids design their own shirts.

"We put pictures of a bunch of civil rights leaders on the board... and the kids just started drawing them. The next time... I brought my screen printing equipment in and let the kids make their own individual shirts."

And with these t-shirts now on sale through Milwaukee OATS, Enrique and teacher Melissa Palin are excited to use the proceeds to start raising money for the school's own screen printing equipment. And, thanks to Enrique, Melissa is also thrilled that the students now have a young mentor to look up to.

"Especially in Milwaukee we have children who need mentors... everybody needs mentors."

Want to grab your own Ruby Bridges t-shirt? Check them out on

Listen to the full story with Starms and Milwaukee OATS by clicking the podcast player above.

Want to see the screen printing in action? Check out this great video made by Milwaukee OATS: