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Street Angels deliver hope to Milwaukee's homeless

"Personally when I started doing it, I just fell in love with it. We all just fell in love with it; they're just so appreciative. They need it."

Personally when I started doing it, I just fell in love with it... we all just fell in love with it; we're bringing them meals and they're just so appreciative. They need it."

They call themselves the Street Angels, and over the past few months three Milwaukee ladies have made a name for themselves throughout our homeless community.

Three times a week these ladies pack up their car with hot meals, bagged lunches, toiletries and clothing and deliver all of it to different homeless individuals. And with thirty stops each night to feed about 60 people, Kelly Radtke explains,

"We'll leave our house around six and sometimes not come back until midnight or later."

But what makes this outreach especially unique? Not only do the Street Angels work completely off of donations and volunteer their own time, but their approach to homelessness is a little different.

Sure, they deliver food and clothing, but these women aren't just dropping off the necessities, they spending time with each homeless person: they really get to know their names, their stories.

"You make connections and genuinely care for them. We were just talking about a guy we call Pops, we haven't seen him in two days and he was sick so we're like 'OK, if he's not there tonight we've gotta call hospitals, we've gotta do this and that... we're genuinely concerned about their well-being."

And founder Eva Welch explains that dropping off these necessities and then spending time with these people ends up providing them with something money can't buy -- a little hope.


"Us caring for them makes them start caring for themselves.

this guy started questioning himself like, 'Maybe I don't belong under this bridge...' and we were all like, 'No! You don't.'" And he's probably getting an apartment soon. We're very excited about that."

Milwaukee's Street Angels are made up of Eva Welsh, Kelly Radtke and Shelly Sarasin. To lend them a hand or donate food or clothing, you can find them on Facebook at Street Angels Milwaukee Outreach