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Kohl Philanthropies gives best back-to-school gift to Wisconsin teachers


Herb Kohl and Kohl Philanthropies are "back-to-school Santas." Their recent donation of $500,000 to Wisconsin teachers via will give gifts in the form of tissues, healthy snacks, track & field uniforms, science magazines, headphones, jump ropes, yoga mats... all items that will educationally and socially support Wisconsin students returning to school this Fall.

As of 12:01 a.m. this morning, Kohl Philanthropies completed and funded over 700 projects on which will support Wisconsin schools in 140 districts. This will directly affect around 43,000 students. Out of these totals, 224 projects, 157 teachers and 13,000 students are from Milwaukee Public Schools.

What is It's a place for teachers to list classroom items they need in order to ensure a quality educational experience for their students. Donors -- people like you and I or organizations like Kohl Philanthropies -- visit the site and give monetary donations to specific "projects." Then, DonorsChoose uses the money to purchase necessary materials and send them straight to the schools in need.

"As the new school year kicks off, we are thrilled to support all of the classroom projects currently posted by teachers right here in Wisconsin. We owe a lot to our teachers and hold enormous hope for our students. They are both a constant source of inspiration," said Herb Kohl.

This donation is helping several schools in Milwaukee. Mr S., a teacher at Dr Martin L King Junior Elementary School, expressed gratitude towards Herb Kohl's support after receiving basic sports necessities so his students could compete in track & field events.

"I cannot thank you enough for the Track and Field Materials. The school does not have it in the budget for a uniform, so this is very much appreciated. We will look like a real team this year. I cannot wait to get them on the field in this new gear," he said.

Ms. West at Milwaukee Parkside School-Arts is now able to provide her autistic students with materials that will help them exercise their senses and thrive in a stimulating environment. The donation will provide these students with a sensory play table and play materials like purple kinetic sand and rainbow water marbles.

"Thank you so much for your kind hearts and generosity. You are allowing children with special needs access to sensory activities that are so very important to their growth and development. Because of your decision to donate a classroom with over a dozen students will be able to explore the world around them using all five senses with unique and intriguing materials," Ms. West said.