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Cine Sin Fronteras breaks down barriers at the Milwaukee Film Festival

The Milwaukee Film Festival kicks off this Thursday. And if you've never been, let me be the first to say: it's a blast.

Each year at the Milwaukee Film Festival there are the events, the talkbacks, the after-parties, (...and yes, the dance parties) but when the chaotic two weeks come to a close, what stays with you? The films.
This year, amongst all of our favorite programming comes a new and exciting film category: Cine Sin Fronteras. Showcasing the rich, vibrant and diverse Latinx population, I sat down last week with curators Jeanette Martin and Claudia Guzman to find out what this new category brings to the festival.

...But, first things first. What is 'Latinx'?

"Latinx is 'latino' with an 'x' at the end," Jeanette explains. "We are conscious that there are a variety of gender identities

we're not going to just center around this idea of a woman and man... having the 'x' becomes an in for people to learn a little more."

And by showcasing six breathtaking (and diverse) films, learning a little more about the Latinx population is just what Cine Sin Fronteras aims to do.

"'Cine Sin Fronteras' means 'cinema without borders.' We were constantly looking for ways to complicate the notion of what it means to be Latino or Latinx," Claudia states.

We were constantly looking for ways to complicate the notion of what it means to be Latino or Latinx.

And the films showcased, touching on topics ranging from politics and feminism to the LGBTQ community and the power of music, let you walk a mile in someone else's shoes; whether you're seeing it through the eyes of a Guatemalan attorney general, a Brazilian violin teacher, an elderly Mexican couple or a Chicanas bicycle group.

"We're honored to be able to bring this to our city," says Jeanette. "All of this is such a labor of love. It's such an honor."

For more on Cine Sin Fronteras, check out their Facebook page with times, dates and tickets at the Milwaukee Film Festival website.

Curious how the films were chosen? You can listen to both Community Stories with Jeanette and Claudia by clicking the audio players above and below.