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City of Milwaukee wants your input on the issue of public safety

Milwaukee Common Council Public Safety

The election on Nov. 8 is not the only opportunity to have your voice heard by your elected officials. Milwaukee’s Common Council is also looking to hear from you in regards to public safety policy in the city.

A couple of weeks ago, Milwaukee Common President Ashanti Hamilton and Public Safety Committee Chair Alderman Bob Donovan sent out a press release asking the citizens of Milwaukee to share their thought on public safety via an online survey.   

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“If you believe leaders and elected officials aren’t listening or won’t listen - this is your chance to weigh in and speak directly to us. We want to hear from you.” - Alderman Donovan

The surveys ask questions regarding issues from youth incarceration to police relationship with the community, and more.

Once the survey is complete, the results will be shared with the Mayor’s office, the Fire and Police Commission, the Office of Violence Prevention, the Milwaukee Community Justice Council and other community stakeholders.

The committee has been holding public hearings on the issue as well. The last hearing will be this Saturday (10/29) at Pulaski High School at 9:30am.  The hearing will be hosted by Alderman Terry L. Witkowski. Here is the agenda for the public hearing this Saturday.

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