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Grab your quarters and check out Milwaukee's growing pinball community

"If you just want to dig on something unique about Riverwest it's that within walking distance you've got pinball at High Dive,  you have it here at Bremen , they have it at the Public House, Uptowner, Veggas Pub... it's just a great alternative to darts or pool."

Got some extra quarters laying around the house?

Head over to the Riverwest neighborhood of Milwaukee and husband and wife Rob and Jessica Anderson promise they can help you put them to good use,

"We've been running a coed pinball tournament at Bremen Cafe for a couple years now, but it started way before we took it over... Uptowner and Veggas also have great tournaments... it's fun. It's really a great way to meet people," explains Jessica.

And with tournaments happening almost every week as well as an active ladies pinball league, it looks like Milwaukee's pinball community isn't going to be slowing down anytime soon.

But what does a tournament look like in action?

I swung by Bremen Cafe the other week to check out the competition for myself and got a few pinball pointers from a few of Riverwest's pros.

Check out the audio piece below: