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Student seeks help keeping the homeless warm this winter

Nyesha Stone is a journalism student at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

She’s written about a variety of issues affecting the African-American community in Milwaukee for a number of publications here in Milwaukee. She runs a blog, Carvd N Stone, during her free time and in her blog, she writes about the many talents she comes across in Milwaukee.

Nyesha also considers herself to be a community activist. In her spare time, she's organized community clean-ups and created career and journalism events for students of color. Now, she wants your help in keeping the homeless community in Milwaukee warm and housed during the winter.

Listen to the interview below to learn about Nyesha’s upcoming event, Helping the Homeless Through Music.

Nyesha Stone
For the last couple of years, Nyesha has volunteered her time and money by making winter goody bags to pass out to the homeless. In the bags are scarves, gloves, hats and any other materials that can help keep people warm during Milwaukee’s blistering winter. Because Carvd N Stone has put Nyesha in touch with a number of hip-hop artists in Milwaukee, she decided to try something different this year.

This time around, Nyesha wanted to organize a music event. She feels it’s the best way for her to help out the homeless community while also giving Milwaukee musicians exposure and appreciation for the creative work they provide the city with.

Eight artists will be performing for this show; four female artists and four male artists and they’ve volunteered to perform for free. Here are the eight artists who will be performing this Friday at 2035 Studios on Milwaukee's North Side:

  • Camb
  • Mudy
  • Nafrini
  • Lady La’Shay
  • Tajh Virgil
  • Ammorelle
  • Troy Tyler
  • Awill Thagreat

Community fashion vendors will have tables set up and be selling their clothing and accessories. Nyesha says raffle tickets will be for sale and a prize will be given away at the close of the show. She will also have jars set up for monetary donations.

The donations will go to Milwaukee organization Hope House, which provides housing and residential services for the homeless population in Milwaukee. For more details on Helping the Homeless Through Music, check the event page here.