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MCC's YouthBuild teaches carpentry to young adults

The Milwaukee Christian Center has been a south side pillar for 100 years. The organization has moved around the south side and now calls 14th and National home.

Through a variety of programs, MCC provides a number of housing, wellness and career resources for people of all ages and ethnicities. One of those resources is YouthBuild, a program for young adults ages 18 to 25 that teaches students carpentry skills while earning their GED.

Listen below to learn about MCC’s YouthBuild program.

Photo by Nicole Acosta
Jeremy Reid graduated from South Milwaukee High School in 2012. Immediately after, he signed up for the Youth Build Program. While most students use the program to get their GEDs, Reid already had his high school diploma, so he used this program to learn skills he hadn’t been exposed to before.

He learned how to install drywall, siding, shingles and others of that sort.

Reid has gone through the YouthBuild program a couple of times now. He just began a new term in September and is focusing on finessing his carpentry skills so he can go into the field full-time.

The program has built 15 houses from the ground up over the last 10 years. Reid had his hand in building three of them. He says it is rewarding to drive past a house he knows he helped create.

MCC does a lot of community work with low-income and elderly communities as well. Their Senior Support program provides the elderly with activities in nutrition and exercise. They provide weekly health checks as well.

Their building has a food pantry and provides daily home-cooked meals on sight. They have an emergency food pantry for community members who may be facing a hardship. They provide them with food and resources for assistance beyond what MCC can provide.

For a list of programs and resources that MCC offers, visit their website here.