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Got peanut butter? Hunger Task Force needs it.

It's a pantry staple for good reason.

It can be breakfast, lunch or even dinner.  It doesn't need cooking or prep.

Heck, you can eat it straight from the jar.

And that's exactly why peanut butter is in demand at the Hunger Task Force this winter.


"Wanted: Peanut Butter" is an annual campaign run by the food bank, usually right after the holidays. The goal is to collect as many jars of the nutty goodness as possible.

This year the goal is 35,000 jars, said Executive Director Sherri Tussler, and the need never slows down.

"Hunger Task Force is here serving year round," Tussler said. "We're making sure area food pantries, soup kitchens and homeless shelters have the food that they need to serve breakfast, lunch and supper."

Click the player to hear our interview with Tussler.

How to donate

Tussler says it is easy to organize your own peanut butter drive, using approved resources from the Hunger Task Force website.  You can also drop off jars at participating fire stations, in person at the Hunger Task Force offices or anywhere else you see the big blue HTF bins, like area grocery stores.

You can also simply donate money to the effort.

All donations stay local to support families in need.

Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee