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Secret Stadium Sauce inventor breaks his silence...sort of

For decades, it has graced the condiment cart at County Stadium and Miller Park.

Secret Stadium Sauce. Mmmmm.

Listen to Rick Abramson, the inventor of Secret Stadium Sauce, talk about his creation.

The uninitiated might say, "Isn't it just barbecue sauce?"

Of course not. It isn't "just" anything. It's a hallowed combination of seemingly ordinary sauces and spices, stirred together in perfect proportion and much more delicious than the sum of its parts.

I mean, just look at that font.

Rick Abramson is the inventor of the now iconic sauce. He mixed up his first batch in the early 1970s when he was a teenage vendor at County Stadium.

His career has taken him a long way from Milwaukee since his vendor days.

Now he's the Chief Customer Officer at Delaware North, a global company specializing in hospitality and retail operations at stadiums, airports, hotels and casinos.

And just in time for Opening Day, he joined me on the phone to talk....sauce.

Take a listen.

Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee