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Vincent High School students bring their farm to tables at the agriculture program's benefit dinner

Vincent High School is raising money through a farm-to-table fundraiser using ingredients they raised and grew in their backyard farm. Watch the video below to hear how they did it from Monica Gahan, Vincent's Agriculture Science teacher and CJ Cunningham, a senior student and football player.

Vincent High School's agriculture program teaches a variety of concentrations such as agriculture business, culinary arts, food science, environmental science and more. They host a small farm in their backyard filled with chickens, goats, sheep, turkeys and sometimes horses. Farming equipment such as tractors was also donated to the school so that students could get hands-on farming experience.

To help the program continue to grow and attract more students, the students and teachers of this year's agriculture program threw a farm-to-table style fundraiser last week. Students spent time gathering ingredients in their backyard farm and prepared the spread of sample. Included was pulled pork sliders, skewers, gyros, cream puffs and a chocolate mousse—all made by the students.