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Forget about the flag, this is an amazing new idea from the City of Milwaukee

If you live in Milwaukee, you probably already know about the proposed, new initiative to re-do the design of the city flag. While some are still discussing the flag controversy, this week Alderman Khalif J Rainey and his fellow colleagues also approved a budget amendment to encourage entrepreneurship to address food deserts in the city of Milwaukee.

This amendment would add $200,000 to encourage and fund business ideas to provide healthy food options in food deserts. I think this is much more worth talking about than the flag.

From the City's press release about the new initiative:
The amendment that was approved will increase by $200,000 our seed fund to encourage entrepreneurialism in providing healthy food options in food deserts. The funding works to find creative ways for grocery and food businesses to provide healthy, nutritious foods in neighborhoods where no grocery stores are currently located. Our effort to attract these businesses is critical and must be sustained as we do our due diligence to properly nourish our next generation of leaders and difference makers across Milwaukee.

Just as we work to reduce lead risks and protect our city’s children from environmental hazards, we must also do all we can to make sure they grow up with strong bodies and minds fueled by nutritious and healthy foods.

The measure approved earlier this week will tap best practices and only rewards entrepreneurs if they have a sustainable business model. Additionally, the philanthropic community is also involved as the American Heart Association has indicated they can match those dollars (this is significant as I believe the amount needed to fully address this problem would be $2 million).

I want to thank my colleagues for their support with this important budget item, and I look forward to continuing to do all I can to bring healthy food options to every corner of my district and across Milwaukee.

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee