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The City of Milwaukee is looking for its first Vel Phillips Trailblazer Award winner

A City of Milwaukee committee is now accepting nomination letters for the first ever Vel Phillips Trailblazer Award. The award will be given out annually to recognize female city residents who exemplify Phillips' legacy of selfless service and trailblazing work to improve the quality of life for residents in Milwaukee.

The award was established by the Milwaukee Common Council just hours before her death last April.

The nomination letters, which are due no later than Monday, March 4, are to be no longer than three pages and should describe the nominee's work in the area of social justice or civic accomplishment. It should also show examples of different instances when the nominee has been a defining force in the given area.

Along with these requirements, the nomination letter must also include challenges that the nominee has overcome to work in the field of social justice or act as an instrument for civic accomplishment and social justice. Finally, the committee asks that the nomination letter also include any related awards or recommendations that the nominee has received.

Applicants can nominate themselves, but to be eligible for the Trailblazer Award nominees must be city residents who are not publicly elected officials.

Nomination letters can be submitted to Joanna Polanco at the City Clerk's Office. Any other questions can also be directed to Polanco via email or phone at or 414-286-2366.

To officially apply, applicants should submit the nomination letter as well as a nomination form which can be downloaded here.