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Hydrate the Homeless MKE supplies water to those in need

Amber Parham

Five years ago, a Facebook post from Repairers of the Breach, a homeless outreach resource center, made its way to Amber Parham's screen. It was a Facebook status that made Parham aware that there are individuals who lack clean water. That realization ignited something in Parham and developed into Hydrate the Homeless MKE, a supply of water bottles to the homeless and people living in poverty. 

"Just anytime I would go to the grocery store, I would start delivering water, cases of water to Repairers of the Breach," said Parham. 

Last summer things started to change abundantly. Parham wanted to pick things up and take things to another level simply because there is a need for clean water and because she is a mother of two. Parham wanted to raise them on the foundation to care and give back. 

"We raised enough money to purchase 23 pallets of water," said Parham. "A total of almost 50 thousand bottles of water to the homeless community and people in poverty.. 

Hydrate the Homeless MKE happens every summer and this season is no different. This summer's water drive will run through Aug. 1. This weekend Hydrate the Homeless MKE will be distributing a big water shipment to multiple outreach programs. Festival Foods and Rodac Development & Construction donated 15 pallets of water to Hydrate the Homeless MKE.

Let's break that down, a single pallet of water can hold up to 72 cases of water which is roughly 17 hundred water bottles. So with that logic, 15 pallets of water could equal to 26 thousand water bottles. 

Since the first solo grocery trip, Parham has found a supportive community. Parham stands by the sentiment that if your act of service can help the public, simply act on it. 

"With every thought and dream or idea you have, there is someone in need for it," said  Parham. "I just say just go for it." 

Small acts of service can go a long way and it's also a time to bring people together. It's a reminder to spread kindness. Hydrate the Homeless MKE is always looking for volunteers to help distribute water.

To learn more information, check out Hydrate the Homeless MKE's Facebook page

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