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The Radio Milwaukee Music Awards seek to lift the music scene up

For the past 12 years, the Radio Milwaukee Music Awards have highlighted the best and the brightest of the city's ever burgeoning music scene. However, it would be a mistake to view the annual event as simply recognition from an organization which focuses on Milwaukee year-round. It would be more accurate to look at the show as our program director, Jordan Lee, does — as a way to lift the local music scene up and bridge the gap between the diverse artists who have grown the scene.

Lee likens the symbiotic relationship between the awards show and the artists to a mentorship where the recognition can push the artists toward ultimately greater goals while further offering a support system they can rely on. Further, he explains that the show is also meant to provide a platform for up-and-coming artists to grow accustomed to the spotlight associated with such events.

Returning to the Turner Hall Ballroom this Saturday, Dec. 14, the RMMAs will also feature performances from the Backline's fall 2019 artists which Lee believes is really a "stepbrother program" to the award show as it provides similar support and experience — but from the business side of the industry.

Watch this week's Community Story video above to learn more about how the award show came to be, how the voting process works and why we believe the show matters so much. The finalists for the Radio Milwaukee Music Awards can be found here and tickets for the event can be purchased from the Pabst Theater Group website.