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Cultural diversity is the norm inside this MPS elementary school

Walk into any school in the Milwaukee, and it's like looking into a crystal ball. The kids truly are the future of the city, and the future they'll experience is anything but homogenous.

Like most MPS schools, Hamlin Garland School, 3120 W. Green Ave., is a melting pot of ethnicities and culture on Milwaukee's far South side.

The school's main entrance. Photo credit: Bobby Tanzilo.

Immigrant students learn alongside lifelong Milwaukee residents, dozens of languages collide in the hallways on any given day and the classrooms are filled with students holding an array of perspectives and life experiences.

This week on Urban Spelunking, we learn more about Garland -- what's going on there now, how it is using diversity as a strength and the unique history that led the school to where it is today.

A glimpse inside a Garland classroom. Photo credit: Bobby Tanzilo.

Click the player below to listen, and check out Bobby Tanzilo's complete story at OnMilwaukee.

Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee