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Check out these fun photos from the Domes' annual Train Show

Whether you love classic movies, model trains or the simple pleasure of being surrounded by greenery in the dead of winter, there's a lot to love right now at the Mitchell Park Domes.

The annual model train show is back, this year with a cinematic twist. The show's theme is "Attack of the Giant Monsters 2" and highlights recreations of familiar movie scenes, alongside large scale model trains.

Check out our photo gallery below.

Visitors will see trains winding through custom-made vignettes from popular movies like Ghostbusters, Gremlins, Tremors and Little Shop of Horrors, offering a fun experience for both kids and adults.

The train show is open now through March 29. Domes officials say 50,000 visitors are expected during its winter run.

Listen to our interview with a family who made the trip to Milwaukee from Waupaca to see the train show, plus the Domes' resident artist who made the scenes comes to life.

Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee