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Thursday is Working Moms Day in Milwaukee

Women are expected to do it all. Women need to be the best in their career, start a family, make sure they are home in time for dinner and be the perfect spouse. Let’s not forget the added pressure and constant judgment on whether they are doing the right thing. This expectation can be isolating and cause distress.

Working Moms of Milwaukee is a one-stop-shop where working mothers can network, socialize and share their own experiences. Susannah Lago, founder and president said working mothers deal with daily struggles that go unnoticed.

"I am working at my corporate job and I have an 11 a.m. meeting with my boss, no big deal," said Lago. "Just kidding because at 10:45 I get a phone call from daycare that my son needs to be picked up immediately and my husband is tied up doing something else."

Another example is that women are expected to be the primary caretaker and when out on the town for a night, they tend to get bombarded with questions about the whereabouts of their children.

Balancing motherhood with a career took a toll on Lago and she decided to create a network. Back in 2017, she decided to start off small. Creating something easy, fun and economical. A place where mom wouldn't worry about childcare, socialize with other moms and bonus points if it's free. She organized a day to walk around the mall. Quickly, this event turned into a network and movement.

In previous years, they focused their attention on pumping rooms with their perspective jobs. This year the group is centering on acknowledgment.

“We said, 'What’s that one thing that is an issue and we can create a plan of action for?'” said Lago. “It was recognition, whether it’s in our community or from our partners or recognizing our kid’s teacher. Whatever it is we just want more recognitions for our working moms.” 

The organization created a Milwaukee Working Moms Day on Thursday, March 12. as an appreciation to working moms around the city.

Some of the events and promotions happening that day include a free group workout at High Def Health, a happy hour hangout and Mom Force Etsy shop promo.

For more events and promotions click here.

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