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Today is the last day to register online to vote in Wisconsin's April 7 election

Liam James Doyle

Wisconsin's spring general elections and presidential primary are still scheduled for April 7, although that could change. As of Monday, there are five major lawsuits attempting to either change or postpone the state's elections, and even how many voters will cast their ballots is in question: Last week Gov. Tony Evers called on the state legislature to pass a bill that would send an absentee ballot to every voter, a request that state GOP leaders have dismissed.

So what does all that uncertainty mean for the average voter? For the time being, they should assume the elections will take place as scheduled next Tuesday, and heed two very important deadlines: Today is the last day for online voter registration, and Thursday is the last day to request an absentee ballot (though the state elections board would prefer you request one sooner than later).

Wisconsin has same-day voter registration, so voters will still be able to register at the polls on Tuesday (if, indeed, those polls are open), but due to the coronavirus Gov. Evers has strongly encouraged all voters to vote absentee.

Milwaukee residents may request an absentee ballot online at or by calling 414-286-VOTE.