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Deanna Singh gives a crash course on how to accomplish your goals

With the majority of us staying inside and having some extra time, we might catch ourselves reflecting. Some might be thinking about the past or even pondering about their own pursuits and personal journey.

Deanna Singh is the Milwaukee author of " Purposeful Hustle," a book on how to live a life filled with joy and purpose. Singh was also featured in a 2020 Forbes list for her work with marginalized communities.

Living a life with purpose starts with intention, stating your goals and being conscious about reaching them. Singh says it’s allowing yourself to explore different avenues that are going to get you there.

“State what you think your purpose is, write it down and commit yourself to it,” said Singh. “Then test it, ‘OK, this is what I said my purpose is but does it feel right?' Know that it might change over time and it might stay the same.”

Every single one of us has something they want to accomplish. It can be as simple as learning a new hobby or taking a big risk in your career. For some, throwing yourself into something new can be easy but many struggle with the fear of failure. Singh says, she uses failure as an opportunity. 

“The failures that I had in life are the ones that most define who I am and they are the things that I enjoy celebrating the most,” said Singh.

“Whenever I feel off-balanced I will put myself through the exercise of ‘look at what you are doing today, how much of it was on purpose and what do you need to do to get yourself in alignment?,’ it’s an easy way to course-correct," said Singh.

I personally have spent countless nights analyzing whether I am creating an impact. It can be overwhelming but sometimes you have to take a deep breath and take it one day at a time. After spending some time with Singh, I realized its beyond ticking a goal off a checklist but making sure every day can be used as an experience.

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