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Milwaukee photographer snaps families from a distance

There’s a hashtag circulating around Instagram that a few Milwaukee based photographers have embraced, #thefrontstepsproject. The project started out in Needham, Mass., as an outlet to combat COVID-19 and a way to highlight the faces of the community.

The concept is simple yet effective: Photographers snap a portrait of a household on their front steps while keeping a 20 feet distance. Milwaukee based photographer Amber Parham is one of the photographers who has been participating.

“When I show up at somebody’s house they come out with this huge smile on their face,” said Parham. “Their like, ‘I am so happy you are here, this is the first time I showered all week, I actually got dressed today.’”

Beyond just capturing time through a photograph, the project aims to raise money for the community.

Parham's photos are free, however, if any participants would like to donate she's asking to raise money for Hydrate the Homeless MKE, an organization that supplies water bottles to the homeless and people living in poverty. 

"I understand that people are unsure about where their lives will be next week or in a month from now," said Parham. "That $20 donation someone might give me, they might need that."

Parham has one thing on her mind as a photographer.

"I want to showcase families of diversity because diversity is beautiful and that's the community I want to live in," said Parham. "If I can create that in just a photo gallery at the end of this, I will be proud of it."

The project #thefrontstepsprojects photographs an entire community. In a simple way, photographers are using their skills to make sure that the faces, families and people going through this are not going unnoticed.

If you would like your free portrait taken, contact Amber Parham via Instagram to schedule a time.

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