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Milwaukee's poignant, crowdsourced memorial to George Floyd

Milwaukee has a new mural honoring Geroge Floyd, created on the same day of memorial service in Minneapolis.

The mural was created in just one day by a collection of artists -- some professional and some from the community -- on the corner of North Ave. and Holton St.

You can see the dramatic transformation in the photos below.

Colorful spray paint now wraps around three sides of a corner building. At the center, there's a portrait of Floyd which runs the full height of the building.

To one side, there's a black fist emerging from a rainbow and the words BLM for Black Lives Matter.

On the other side, flowers, the phrases "I Can't Breathe" and "Say His Name." There's also a portrait of Dontre Hamilton, the Milwaukee man who was killed by police in Red Arrow park in 2014.

In the audio story below, listen to one of the artists, Domonique Whitehurst, plus building owner Ihsan Atta, who put out an open call on social media and donated the use of the space. He shares his personal connection, as a Palestinian, to the issues happening in the US.

Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee