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Three quick reminders for any stress you may be experiencing this week

Jim Bauer

We’re taking a look at some advice for times of stress. You might be worried about the coronavirus, you might be fatigued from this election cycle or thinking about making it to Friday. So we’re giving a few tips not just on how to relax but how to take what anxiety you may have and use it to get over hurdles.

Meditation practitioner Kristen Pesature-Olds shares these three takeaways:

  1. Start your day dedicated to you. Before you check the news, consider doing something that brings a sense of control - a quick meditation, a journal exercise, a jog - whatever you need.
  2. During the day as time wears on and stress accumulates, doing a breathing exercise. Might seem like a cop out answer to stress but there can be tendencies to hold stress in the body and it’s helpful to adjust the mind to letting go.
  3. The goal of relaxation is not to be perfectly happy or conflict-free. Meditation isn’t necessarily to get rid of all negative emotions and stress. In fact some of the anxiety, sadness, anger can help us get through tough times.