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Bublr to add hundreds of electric bikes to its fleet this summer

Exploring Milwaukee by bike is about to get easier this summer. Bublr Bikes, Milwaukee's nonprofit bike share, is aiming to add 225 electric bikes to its fleet and introduce 26 new stations across the city.

If all goes well with fundraising, the stations will be installed by "mid summer," according to Bublr Executive Director James Davies.

"It's our goal and hope and mission to serve all of the city, but each expansion takes time and we have to expand sort of out concentrically," he says. "It is a network."

Ten new stations are to be installed on the Northwest side of Milwaukee, and 10 more are planned for the Southwest side of the city. Both are areas where Bublr previously did not have a presence. The remaining six stations will fill in other gaps in the system.

The electric bikes are "responsive," meaning the faster you pedal, the more e-assist the motor provides. They cap out at 17 miles-per-hour before the motor shuts off, and provide enough of a boost to climb hills more easily or simply ride longer.

The bikes and stations will be purchased through a combination of public and private dollars. Bublr is working to secure government Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement grants, as well as private, local funds, according to Davies.

On May 19, Bublr is hosting a fundraiser in partnership with Indeed Brewing and its "Indeed We Can" program. Davies says a few e-bikes will be available on site for people to check out. Find details on the fundraiser on its Facebook page.

Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee