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Beyond Pride Month, here's how you can support LGBTQ business all year

You've surely heard the phrase "shop local" or "support small business," perhaps to the point where they've lost their meaning. But those directives bear repeating, because the way we spend our money matters.

It's a reflection of our values.

Photo courtesy of the Wisconsin LGBT Chamber of Commerce.

If supporting LGBTQ+ businesses is important to you, there's a statewide resource dedicated to that very idea, not only helping consumers connect with a statewide network for LGBTQ-owned or friendly businesses, but also giving owners the tools to thrive.

Jason Rae is the founder of the Wisconsin LGBT Chamber of Commerce, and joins me in studio for an interview as we close out Pride Month.

In our extended conversation, we cover how the Wisconsin LGBT Chamber of Commerce founded and how it has grown to nearly 700 partner businesses and organizations in less than 10 years. We also discuss the other half of the organization's work which helps businesses and business owners to launch and stay in business in Wisconsin. Rae also shares labor statistics which demonstrate the work still needed to create an inclusive environment for LGBTQ+ people.

Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee