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How to spend a perfect Milwaukee fall day

Now that August has slipped away and we prepare for cooler days in the city, you might be wondering what Milwaukee has to offer in the fall. Have no fear: We had the opportunity to sit down with the creative duo of “ 111 Places in Milwaukee You Must Not Miss,” written by Michelle Madden and photographed by

Janet McMillan, for their fall recommendations. Since they both have spent an intimate amount of time with the city in order to create their book, I had to ask how they would spend their ideal fall day in Milwaukee.

“I feel like so many people have got pandemic pups and now are afraid to leave them home,” said Madden. “This ​is the perfect place (Black Husky Brewing) to go sit at the bar and drink with your dog. The whole place is dog friendly, they always had a great patio and beer garden. They have two 10-foot fire pits out there now, so they plan to keep it open all year long so it’s pandemic friendly. I would spend my weekend at Black Husky.” 

“I would start off with a walk at Forest Home Cemetery, so many famous people are buried there but it’s just beautiful grounds,” said McMillan. “The photo I took is in the fall so there’s great color and just a really serene and peaceful place to take a walk. Then maybe I would head over to Leon’s, which is real close, and have a little custard. Then maybe try to go and have a bowling game at Holler House and then head over to Kochanski’s. That would be my perfect day in Milwaukee.”

Five Places You Should Consider Adding to Your Fall Bucket List 

Green Gallery

“The Green Gallery always gets my interest,” said Madden. The gallerist and artist, John Riepenhoff, has always been into the idea of engaging Milwaukeeans with art in a very inclusive way.”

The gallery itself is housed in an old Adelman dry cleaning business therefore it has large windows perfect for sightseeing. If you need an art kick but want to remain on the safe side during the pandemic, this is the place for you. 

Sanctuary Woods

“It’s the sight of Milwaukee’s first insane asylum, which is what they called it back in 1880 when it was built,” said Madden. “It’s the ruins of these sculptures, gardens and grounds all tangled in this incredibly beautiful birding hot spot. It has a special energy, whether that’s due to the unique history of the place or the fact that it’s a slice of pristine nature in the center of the city.”

Throughout September, Sanctuary woods is offering forest therapy, a Japanese practice where one can unplug from their daily lives and fully connect with nature.

Monarch Trail

“September is the month when the monarch comes through,” said Madden. “No one can guarantee monarch sightings but the time is now if it’s going to happen. The county grounds is a special spot that is a migratory path for all these different creatures.”

Leif Erikson Statue

“Leif Erikson Statue is surrounded by the lakefront view and has beautiful trees and foliage around it,” said McMillan.

Milwaukee Soldiers’ Home

“It was designed to be recuperative villages for Civil War vets,” said Madden. “It was one of the last acts that President Lincon signed before he was assassinated.”

Only three of these villages were built, and of the three, Milwaukee’s is the only one that still stands in its complete form. Since the book has come out, the home has been restored and veterans are housed there.

“Soldiers’ Home is now again the soldiers’ home,” said Madden.

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