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National Block building's past, plus future as 'The George'

This week on the Urban Spelunking podcast, we're visiting the 1882 National Block Building on the corner of 5th and National Avenue in Walker's Point.

"It’s been standing tall there since 1882 but for many decades now, it’s either been empty or had turned its back to the street, serving as a rooming house, prone to fires and other issues," writes Bobby Tanzilo in his piece at

On this week's episode, we talk about how the current owners transformed the three-story building, which had been badly neglected over the years. Now, the space has been lovingly reimagined as " The George," a mixed use event space with 12 remodeled apartments above.

But a building doesn't stand for more than 100 years without writing a history of its own. Learn about the years of history at the National Block building and the unsung architect who designed it.

LIsten to the podcast below and read Bobby's complete story here.

Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee