Watch ‘Milwaukee with John Gurda’ — Pigsville

Watch ‘Milwaukee with John Gurda’ — Pigsville

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'88Nine presents' the third of eight video stories with milwaukee's historian

In the third part of our series “88Nine Presents: Milwaukee with John Gurda,” we explore the neighborhood of Pigsville, following the chapter from local historian and writer John Gurda’s new book, Milwaukee: City of Neighborhoods.

Of all the neighborhoods that make up Milwaukee, it is among the smallest, certainly the most isolated, and without doubt the most unusually named.

Located in the “The Valley” between Miller Brewery and Miller Park, the area was settled by German and Slavic immigrants, many of whom found blue-collar work within walking distance.  Today the industrial bustle has left, but the tight-knit community remains in place, right under the Wisconsin Avenue Viaduct.

Next week’s episode will feature the neighborhood of Harambee!  Visit 88Nine Presents: Milwaukee with John Gurda for more information!

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