Be Heard: What is a DRYHOOTCH?

Be Heard: What is a DRYHOOTCH?

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hootch : (hch) n.  

hooch: an illicitly distilled (and usually inferior) alcoholic liquor house, living quarters or a native hut


So what is a Dry Hootch?

Well this morning Jordan invited Allison Kitzerow and Laura Ebert to stop by the station and tell us more about Dry Hootch.  Here in Milwaukee, DRY HOOTCH is a coffees shop that offers more than just an excellent cup of Joe. Dryhootch provides our veterans and their families with a stable, substance-free environment and programs to gather, grow, and enhance their post-service life experience.   DRY HOOTCH, a safe place to get a a great drink, and make some great connections.

They provide more than just a coffee house for Vets to meet, but a central hub for support, outreach and awareness of the issues that effect our nations Veterans.

If you'd like to reach out to the good people at DryHootch you can hit them here on the web at

Here is the interview from this morning…

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