It’s Children’s Week!/Safe Streets, Healthy Kids Week 5

It’s Children’s Week!/Safe Streets, Healthy Kids Week 5

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The MPS Children’s Campaign is focused on bringing in community support to enrich public education. This week is “MPS Children’s Week” and it’s all about highlighting how community members are working together to improve Milwaukee Public Schools.

The weeklong series has a variety of activities to draw community attention to the positives of MPS. Focus areas include:

•Protecting and supporting our public schools.

•Placing school problems in a broader social context.

•Calling for a standard of care for all children.

•Targeting the root causes of the budget crisis and cutbacks.

And the central parts of the MPS Children’s Campaign are:

1. Building a strong alliance among educators, parents, community organizations, labor and business groups to promote the Milwaukee Public Schools, its students and its employees.

2. A coordinated media campaign that promotes the work of educators, along with the necessity of community support and investment in MPS.

3. A community connection plan that links MTEA members to parent, religious and community organizations.

4. An “MPS Children’s Week” highlighting the work we do for children.

I met with Amy Mizialko, who has been a teacher for 20 years with MPS but is now working as a Teaching and Learning Coordinator. Click the podcast below to hear from Amy about MPS Children’s Week.

The first MPS Children’s Week is happening now through Friday, April 27th.

Monday: ACT Tutoring for 11th grade students & Books in Kids’ Hands

Tuesday: Volunteer in MPS

Wednesday: MPS Students Need the Arts

Thursday: Project the Health of MPS Students

Friday: Career/Tech Ed Students

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