“Make Milwaukee”: A Transmedia Hostage Situation

“Make Milwaukee”: A Transmedia Hostage Situation

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Hey — this is Benjamin Wick, Assistant Producer at 88Nine. Last week, Adam had a ton of plans with the folks at Spreenkler for this week of Make Milwaukee, which is focused on the "changing face of creativity in Milwaukee." He seemed pretty excited about all the material they were collecting together, but I haven't seen him around the office since he went out for those interviews.

That's really unlike him. He's usually pretty chained to his desk…

Then, I found this piece today and decided I need to post it. It's a piece he did with Sam Hogerton and Matt Sabljak, two so-called "transmedia" producers working in Milwaukee. Everything seemed to be going well, until the end…

Clearly, something's up. Sam and Matt sent some pictures of Adam to the office this morning. We're waiting to hear back from them about what we can do or where he might be…


Videos of 88Nine looking for Adam in the morning as well as a video from Sam and Matt thinking about their next step!

Another Update!

Sam and Matt manage formulate a plan but run into a huge snag and Adam's brother makes a video response from Dubai!

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