“Make Milwaukee”: A Treasure Chest of Hidden Gems

“Make Milwaukee”: A Treasure Chest of Hidden Gems

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Listen: In our final piece with Reggie Baylor as our tour guide of hidden gems in Milwaukee's creative community, we sample the heap of creativity contained in the Marshall Building. An icon of the 3rd Ward, this building has been a keystone of the neighborhood's history, seeing that familiarly-Milwaukee arc from industry to strain to renaissance. Today, it's packed with a bevy of creative individuals, institutions, and everything in between — a great place to ambush with a microphone.

"…do you have to put that so close?"

"I do, unfortunately."

"Really? I'm not used to that…"

I was fortunate enough to join Reggie, an occupant of the building, and Bob DeToro, the building's manager, for a madcap hour of off-the-cuff interviews. Nobody knew we were coming, and had at best a few moments to prepare for our brief discussion — honestly, I love the uncertainty of doing things this way. Bob was incredibly accommodating of this spontaneous style, introducing anybody and everybody that was willing to speak with us:

In the final edit, there was no way I could jam everything into our a three minute time constraint — for that reason, I ended up discarding a substantial amount of great tape and material that was completely worthy of broadcast. Below, gather a visual context for what you hear in the piece as well as those moments that were left out.

















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