“Make Milwaukee”: Gal Friday and Missed Connections!

“Make Milwaukee”: Gal Friday and Missed Connections!

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Listen: Brent Gohde, this week's tour guide of Milwaukee's creative community, has introduced us to Joe Locher's surreal creative fortress and Chris Tishler's very ying yang-ish relationship with music/entertaining. His next answer to "What is Milwaukee's creative community?" takes the form of Gal Friday, a brand new woman-owned film production company. We sat down in the Alterra on Prospect to chat with the gals from Gal Friday, Susan Kerns and Kara Mulrooney.

Our conversation meandered all over the place, from how they first met (they had to share a bed on a film shoot) to their working relationship (Susan's the brains and Kara's the impulse) to Gal Friday's first film, Le Tour De Tami (a short documentary on the Riverwest 24). However, we ended up spending the bulk of our time discussing Missed Connections, a short film they're expecting to put out in the fall of this year. Listen as Susan and Kara get into how this film came together:

Whew… I tried to pack a whole lot of information and production into that piece — Gal Friday had a ton of interesting gab to share (speaking of which, you can check out the Gobbbler here)! I can't wait to see the finished Missed Connections product this fall (perhaps at the Milwaukee Film Festival)!

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