“Make Milwaukee”: Week 3 | Stop 9 of 9: Austin Dutmer of Jaill

“Make Milwaukee”: Week 3 | Stop 9 of 9: Austin Dutmer of Jaill

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(Photo by Faythe Levine)
Listen: And we made it to the end in one piece (actually 9 pieces throughout the course of the week). Stop 9 of 9 in Cortney and Faythe's masterfully curated week-long feature of Milwaukee's creative community is Austin Dutmer, drummer in the band Jaill. Having recently signed to the major indie label Subpop, the next year will see a lot of folks wanting a piece of this band. In the calm before the storm, Austin invited us down into his basement and shares some candid reflection about where they've been and where they're going:

I've been listening to their album "There's No Sky (Oh My My)" non-stop lately and I am in love with this music. Rumor has it that they recorded an album for Subpop in January, so look out for fresh stuff from them soon!

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-Want more Jaill? You got it! A history of how the band came to be (a "Jaillnealogy" if you will…):

-A look into Jaill's process of putting out their own records and getting signed by Subpop:

-I included a bit of this tape in the actual piece, but here is Faythe's entire statement. This one is definitely worth a listen, as Faythe does a wonderful job tying together all the ideas from the week:

More than anything else, Jaill is an awesome band from Milwaukee and you really ought to hear their music. You can read about them all over the internet, and hear their music on their Myspace page.

Produced By: Adam Carr

Interview By: Cortney Heimerl and Faythe Levine

(Photo by Faythe Levine)

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