“Make Milwaukee”: What is Milwaukee… in Sound?

“Make Milwaukee”: What is Milwaukee… in Sound?

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For this year's winter campaign, Make Milwaukee 2011, we're looking to ramp up the creativity and collaboration to brand new levels. Rather than just talking about who's creative and talented, why not capture creation and talent on-air?

Want to be a part of it? We're outsourcing some creative heavy lifting to you – we want you to stretch your limits, while having a ton of fun. Here's a way you can get involved:

Since we're not working with print or video or any other platform, let's make some aggressively good radio together. We're asking you to flex your creativity with us and become a temporary radio producer. We'll help you record, edit, and produce (actually I will probably be doing all the editing and producing) – we just want you to bring the ideas. So while we may not be able to paint, sculpt or dance directly on-air, with a little bit of help, you can take an adventure into the medium of sound.

Here's how we want you to do this:

Answer the question, “What is Milwaukee?” in sound. Translate the themes and tropes of Milwaukee into audio. We're looking for anything from the concrete to the abstract. Your response can incorporate an original narrative, music, interviews, sound effects, location, natural ambience – the piece can go wherever we can carry a microphone (and probably beyond). I’m hoping to hear responses that run the range from fun to challenging, thought-provoking to hilarious. (You might check out our post with answers to the question here or check out my written answer to that question.)

Interested? Pitch me what you're thinking at adam@radiomilwaukee.org. Deadline for ideas is January 23rd but the sooner the better. I could be at your door by this evening if you have an idea. (Seriously.) Again, no prior radio experience is reqiured. We'll help you record, edit, and produce – if you have a good idea, we'll figure out a way to make it happen. Look forward to hearing from you soon! 

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