Packers vs Falcons | Music Edition

Packers vs Falcons | Music Edition

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Tomorrow is the big game between Green Bay Packers and Atlanta Falcons.  Some of you may know that I'm from Atlanta, and yes I am a Falcon Fan(please leave your boos and trash talk in the comments below, don't be too negative).  

Thanks to technology, anyone can create original music and music videos and with that both sides have create some creative songs and videos to support their teams.  So I thought I post some of them here to get you ready for the game tomorrow.  In all honesty,  I think Green Bay fans beat out Falcons for originality and quality, but as you know that doesn't win games.  It should be good game no matter what happens. 

1. Atlanta Falcons' Rise Up video featuring Samuel Jackson. 
Ok, this is not a song, but it is kind of cool, and features one of my favorite actors, who is an alumni of Atlanta's Morehouse College.

2. J Byrd – Green and Yellow
This is the first of a couple videos that go by the same name.  This is remix of Wiz Khalifa's Pittsburgh anthem "Black and Yellow".  It was created by a 13 year old that goes by the name of J Byrd. Well done.

3. Mo Tre – Dirty Birds Fly.
Funny story about this one is that a high school classmate of mine help put this together. The song renews the Dirty Bird dance from the late 90's.

4.  Prophetic and Pizzle – "Green and Yellow"
Milwaukee's Prophetic and Pizzle do a very good job with their version of "Green and Yellow" by incorporating scenes of Green Bay's past.  

5. Sevendust – "Falcons On Top"
This is actually was officially commissioned by the Falcons early in the season. It was performed by Atlanta based hard-core band Sevendust and it featured the Falcons cheerleaders. To be honest, the cheerleaders makes this video.

6. Higher Education – "Feelin So Fly Like A Cheesehead"
Last, but not least is this fan created video and song.  It is cute and catchy, but a little cheesey (get it, cheesey).  

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