Super Bowl Radio Wager

Super Bowl Radio Wager

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The Super Bowl is just a few days away, and everyone here at 88NINE has got Packers fever.  So we decided to make a friendly wager with our friends at 91.3 WYEP in Pittsburgh.

When the Packers beat the Steelers on Sunday, we are going to send them a CD from a local Milwaukee band.  They will then have to play that CD in rotation for an entire month.  

If for some strange reason Aaron gets hurt, or Clay missed the bus and the Steelers win the game, we will take a song from Pittsburgh's local scene and place it into rotation.  ( Not likely though… )

Marcus and Jordan spoke on the phone yesterday with WYEP Morning Mix host Cindy yesterday about the wager.  

Take a listen, and tell us what Milwaukee artist  you'd suggest we send to the good folks at WYEP?

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