The 2011 RadioMilwaukee Short Radio Theater Festival

The 2011 RadioMilwaukee Short Radio Theater Festival

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For last year's Make Milwaukee campaign, we asked folks to "prove that Milwaukee is a creative city." This year, we're asking Milwaukee to show off its creativity, and it's with that spirit we roll out an awesomely exciting project…

The 2011 RadioMilwaukee Short Radio Theater Festival! We're asking theater groups, performance troupes, first-time radio-thespians, and any other interested party to put together and perform a piece to be featured in our creative campaign. This is our invitation to have some fun with us on-air while showing off your talents. Here are the guidelines:

?-Although it can be adapted from other work you've done, the script must be original (i.e. written by you).

?-Your final written product must be able to be performed in under 2 minutes – no exceptions.

?-The piece must somehow involve the theme "Milwaukee," whether it be directly (setting, a character named "Milwaukee McRae," etc.) or more abstractly.

?-You may use any style or genre, including but not limited to drama, comedy, romance, science-fiction, western, old-timey, etc.

?-Steer clear from adult themes and profanity – content is subject to editorial decisions by the staff of RadioMilwaukee.

?-All performers and materials needed for performance (more on this below) must be provided by you.

The due date for all scripts is February 14th, so get those ideas and radio-theater brains fired up! You! I'm talking to You!

The shorts will play in rotation and be posted online during the week of February 28th through March 6th. Once the scripts are in, the process will look like this:

?-Tentatively, all recording will occur during the evenings of Feb. 17-18 and 21-22 during one hour blocks (dates subject to change). If you submit a script, make sure you have time free during those evenings.

?-We will provide the mics and recording space, but you will provide your own sound effects. You can either create them live during your recording session (!) or give us one CD of sound effects to use in producing your piece (I suggest checking out some of the stuff on

?-All production will be done in-house at RadioMilwaukee. We will follow your script to the best of our abilities – our edits will be final. This is a true collaborative process, so some artistic decisions will be made by RadioMilwaukee (don't worry – we care a lot about radio sounding as good as it can).

?-When everything is posted online and playing on-air, there will be an online vote. While I'd hope the incentive of participating in this cool project and having some time on-air would be enough reward, we're also putting together prize packages for audience favorites. More on this to come. 

Honestly, the potential for this project is so great. This will be amazing — I cannot wait to hear what you have to share!

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