The Wisconsin Conservatory of Music/Safe Streets, Healthy Kids Week 1

The Wisconsin Conservatory of Music/Safe Streets, Healthy Kids Week 1

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The Wisconsin Conservatory of Music has been around for the last 110 years. It’s the oldest and largest non-profit independent music school in Wisconsin. The building itself is extraordinary and sits on Prospect Avenue overlooking a beautiful view of Milwaukee’s lakefront.

Inside this building, are a variety of teachers, students and staff, working hard to play an active role in our community. Literally starting from infants to teens, young adults and even retirees, the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music provides a wide range music education and performance opportunities.

But what a lot of people don’t know is that the Conservatory works with Milwaukee’s youth both on and off of its grounds on Prospect Avenue. “Conservatory Connections” brings music programs, curriculum and classroom support to a lot of schools and community-based service organizations throughout the city.

These kids and teens get inspired to create music, and the Conservatory provides a healthy atmosphere for them to learn, work and grow into the artists/musicians they want to be.

Click the podcast below to hear from some of the youth and faculty behind The Wisconsin Conservatory of Music. *This includes youth from the Classic Rock Band: Ben Keene (drums) and Louie Schurr (guitar), Instructor Matt Schroeder, and Executive Director Karen Deschere.

Learn more about the Milwaukee Public Schools Conservatory Connections Programs by clicking here.

Conservatory Student Spotlight section, here.

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